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Data Curation

During graduate school, data curation and librarianship, especially of open data, became one of my top areas of interest. I'm intrigued by all things data -- data literacy, data science, and databases, and I believe librarians can play a crucial role in increasing access to this increasingly important resource.


Originally a double language major (in English and Spanish) in undergrad, writing has been a longtime passion of mine. Whether it's investigative reporting, technical documentation, intriguing feature pieces, best practice manuals, or even novels, my work has spanned many categories and subject areas. Suffice it to say, I'm a strong communicator who enjoys the process of creating written materials, and prioritizes readability, understanding, and where appropriate, even entertainment.


Mostly self-taught, and still very much developing in this area, I'm continuing to seek out opportunities to grow my coding skills. Currently, I'm proficient in SQL, growing increasingly familiar with Python (mostly pandas), am working on bash and command line tools, and can "read," but not speak, R, to borrow a metaphor from spoken language learning.


While my path to teaching hasn't been conventional (I have limited formal training in this area), I really enjoy teaching others through accessible, effective, and hopefully, fun methods. I first began teaching when asked to offer trainings at one of my former jobs, and I sought out opportunities to learn pedagogical frameworks and theory while in graduate school, both practically as a teaching assistant and theoretically through coursework on education.