To empower equitable information access and reuse through data education and policy, especially for open, publicly funded data.

From a love of literature, to a love of writing, to a love of data, especially government and science data, my career journey has taken a few turns over the past decade. One theme weaves through it all, however: I love helping people access the information they need.

Though the domains have changed over the years, my work continues to focus on training, resource development, and user experience. Whether this manifests in running data workshops or copyediting technical reports, I’m committed to delivering sound information — information that’s organized, vetted, and presented with attention to how the user will experience and learn from it — to those who need it.

Current Work

Currently, I'm the data librarian for the health sciences at the Harvey Cushing / John Hay Whitney Medical Library at Yale University. My position supports the data needs of researchers, faculty, staff, students, clinicians, and anyone else across the medical campus, primarily through instruction, consultation, and collaborative research.

Career Journey

After a decade of managing communications, writing, and editing projects for state government, nonprofits, and freelance clients, I went back to school to learn more about libraries, information, and data. Data was becomingly increasingly prevalent in my day-to-day work, and I wanted to know more. In 2018, I began attending University of Washington's (UW) Information School, focusing on data management, open data, database theory, data curation, information literacy, and digital equity. While at UW, I worked as a research assistant for the Open Data Literacy project, researching open data in public libraries. In my final capstone project, Open Data Wagon, my teammate and I researched, collected, structured, cleaned, de-identified, and published open bookmobile data on a state government open data portal. In 2020, I graduated from UW with my master's in library and information science (MLIS).

Following graduation, I worked as a bioinformatics analyst and data curator at Sage Bionetworks. While at Sage, most of my work centered on data curation and harmonization, metadata standards development, and user documentation to promote open science in the areas of neurofibromatosis and immunotherapy.

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